Before getting into details let us take a short review the difference and use of cookies and session.

In a simple way to say, the task of both of them is to store data which can be used across multiple pages in an application. Like store user information (eg. user id, name, mail), data on shopping cart item.

So, What’s the use of both of them while they work for the same purpose?

Key Differences between Session and Cookies is,

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“Curiosity killed the Cat” well let's set our cat aside and put ourselves in its position. In this pandemic, we are staying online more than ever right!

And what we do? Clicking on everything and anything. That’s not our fault I belive 😎 How can we resist honey mix content from content writers.

But the reality is too harsh and we may or may not think or not priorize to that thought while randomly click this and that.

This time let’s dive into the cyber world and see how easy it is to get location and device details accurately of…

Mehedi Hasan

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